Improving machine perception will unlock the next generation of smart robotics.

Rewired is a robotics-focused venture studio. We invest in applied science and technologies that will power a new economy and create a massive opportunity for doing good.

Santa Clara, Augmented LiDAR image courtesy of DIBOTICS

Robots capable of interacting with the world

as humans do will rely on a wide array of emerging technologies. We’ve committed $100 million to help develop technologies that enable robots to perceive the world around them, and to use the information they gather in making cognitive, real-time, well-informed decisions.

It’s why our robotics-focused studio is above all else, a global hub for interdisciplinary innovation.

Featured Portfolio Company

Unlocking novel applications of taste and smell for smart robots

Aromyx logo white
Aromyx photo

DARPA-funded Aromyx is developing technologies that for the first time enable scientific, reproducible measurement and digitization of taste and scent.

The applications for this kind of technology are profound: from food and beverage quality control, flavor and fragrance, to consumer packaged goods, and chemical and agricultural industries. Applying this technology to robotics also enables detection and capturing of completely new modalities of data that will inform decision making in autonomous machines and inspire the development of new learning models.

Read more about our partnership.

Featured Portfolio Company

Bringing AI and machine learning to robotics everywhere

Seldon logo black
Seldon visual

The talented team at Seldon is democratizing machine learning deployment, making it easier for not only data scientists, but also developers and decision makers to to manage workflows and provide new capabilities around infrastructure, collaboration and compliance.

Seldon’s open-source machine learning platform is used by thousands of data scientists around the world across industries and their team works directly with some of the world’s largest organizations.

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Featured Portfolio Company

Revolutionizing aerial drones with AI and machine-learning

Raptor maps logo white
Raptor maps visual

Raptor Maps is building software to convert drone data into expert deliverables for any industry. The company provides tools to organize data, perform virtual inspections, and generate reports that seamlessly integrate into workflows.

This kind of data processing and machine learning is useful for solar farms and other applications, leveraging aerial thermal imaging to provide insights and actionable reports.

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Featured Portfolio Company

Affordable bionic hands for the more than 5 million amputees worldwide

Open bionics logo white
Open bionics visual

Open Bionics is developing the next generation of prosthetics, which cost 80% less than traditional prosthetics and will dramatically increase access. Leveraging modern sensor technologies, Open Bionics is for the first time enabling patients to feel their surrounding environment through their prosthetic, and creating prosthetics that children specifically can feel proud to wear.

These technologies enhance not only the experience of patients and the work of researchers, but the lives of all humans everywhere.

Read more about the next generation of prosthetics.


Our team is joined by some of the most qualified partners and advisors from MIT Media Lab, MassRobotics, Imperial College London, SRI International, Intel, EPFL, Palantir, and the World Bank.

Eduardo Castello Ferrer, PhD
Scientific Advisor
Postdoctoral Associate, MIT Media Lab

Dr. Castello Ferrer brings 14+ years experience in neural networks, blockchain, and multi-robot systems.

He currently conducts research on the synergy between robotics and controlled-environment devices and his additional research interests include swarm and distributed robotics as well as novel agricultural devices.

Thomas Estier
Business Advisor
Cofounder and CEO, Rovenso

A former researcher in Field and Space Robotics at EPFL and co-founder of BlueBotics, Thomas is a serial robotics entrepreneur.

He served as VP of the Business Angels and Mentoring Club, deputy VP at EPFL, Technology Transfer Officer for NCCR Robotics and worked on multiple projects for the European Space Agency.

Jae-Yong Lee
Investment Manager
Investment Manager, Rewired

Jae-Yong brings extensive multinational business experience and unique analytical insights to the studio’s investments and portfolio companies.

He currently also acts as Investment Analyst specialized in the robotics industry at a global family office with focus on deep technology and social impact.

Previously, he served as Attaché at the Swiss Embassy in Beijing, where he worked closely with the deep tech ecosystems in the Yangtze and Pearl River Deltas.

Santiago Tenorio
General Partner
General Partner, Rewired

With over a decade of investment and business development experience, Santiago leads private investments for a global family office with focus on deep technology and social impact.

After spending five years at BlackRock, he cofounded multiple venture-backed companies and served as Director of Global Partnerships and Innovation at American Express.

He studied at UPenn, where he researched Cognitive & Vision Science to explore how our brains perceive and make sense of the world through our eyes.

Andy Hickl
Venture Partner
Venture Partner, Rewired

Andy has led research in NLP, machine learning, AI, computer vision, and ubiquitous computing.

He was the Senior Director for Innovation at Vulcan Inc. where his teams tackled global problems from climate change and clean energy to biodiversity and global health.

He cofounded the Vulcan Proving Ground, an early-stage technology incubator, and three consumer-facing startups.

Gleb Chuvpilo
Managing Partner
Founder and General Partner, Aragorn Ventures

Gleb is an investor in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

With his technical expertise, Gleb supports the team in select investment due diligence.

Before becoming a venture capitalist, Gleb managed AI-driven quantitative trading portfolios at Goldman Sachs and Clarium, built AI algorithms as an early employee at Palantir Technologies, and co-founded several technology startups including Authy, Ride, and Pager.

Mirko Kovac, PhD
Scientific Advisor
Director, Aerial Robotics Lab, Imperial College London

Dr. Kovac, also a Senior Lecturer, focuses his research on the development of biologically inspired flying robots for distributed sensing in air and water as well as autonomous robotic construction for future cities.

After completing his studies at ETH Zurich and earning his doctorate degree in Robotics at EPFL, he joined Harvard Microrobotics Laboratory as a postdoctoral researcher. His specialization is in robot design hardware development and multi-modal robot mobility.

Raul Bravo
Business Advisor
Cofounder and CEO, DIBOTICS

Raul brings 15+ years experience in telecommunication and sensor technology.

A serial entrepreneur and startup coach, he is one of the foremost LIDAR technology experts and cofounder of Balyo. He has an extensive background in both bootstrapped and VC-backed startup creation and growth.

Fady Saad
Business Advisor
Cofounder and Director of Partnerships, MassRobotics

As cofounder of an internationally recognized robotics innovation hub, Fady brings an extensive innovation strategy and business development expertise.

He was a System Design & Management Fellow at MIT, focusing on designing and modeling startups as adaptive complex systems, and understanding the effect of entrepreneurship ecosystems on these startups’ viability. He also notably consulted the World Bank on entrepreneurship in developing countries.


invests for the long term in fundamental technologies that together lay the foundation for smart robotics, while simultaneously leveraging them for our studio, which targets persistent market gaps that

we can tackle head-on.

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